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We are carrying out "Go The Limit" actions as an expression of our freedom of speech. Our call to action is a wake up call to all Americans. Ours is a drive to draw attention to the problem of climate change caused by our outdated energy policies. Our actions will consist of drivers carefully driving either alone or together at, or near, the posted speed limit on major highways. By doing so we hope to slow speeding vehicles to the legal limit, thus saving fuel, and drawing attention to a cause that is of existential importance.

Our demands to our elected officials are lifesaving and simple: We want the views of our leading climate scientists to be taken seriously. We want to see the urgent development of alternative energy policies placed back on the national agenda. We want this NOW!

Finally, and most important, because of it’s potential for putting us on the right track almost overnight, we want President Obama to deliver a "State of the Climate" address on prime-time national TV, to educate and lead Americans with regard to our need to develop self-preserving energy and climate policies.

President Obama owes this to Americans, and to the world, because a properly working democracy must have an educated populace, and because others look to America for global leadership on critical issues. We need this now, more than ever in our history, in order to make the right decisions. Prompt action is needed in order to avert undue suffering for millions of today’s Americans, and for millions more to come.

Please call President Obama at 202-456-1111 (Monday through Friday, 9 to 5) leaving a request for climate action with his comment line volunteers. Alternatively, you can go to and click on the “Contact Us” button in the upper right corner to leave a written comment at any time of the day or night. Every single request helps!